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jueves, 27 de agosto de 2009

Today 2 moons may not look

The circulation of a chain of Internet Email on the planet Mars and indicates a stellar phenomenon that allegedly filed this Thursday 27 at night, is completely false.
The message says that Mars is closer to the moon will seem that the Earth has two moons. Viewed from Earth, Mars can never be as big as the full moon to Mars could be the same size as the moon would have to happen one of two things: first, that Mars, being in its original orbit around the Sun, had a diameter of 516 thousand kilometers, or 76 times its original size, which is four times the size of Jupiter.
Second, that the red planet, with its current size, completely deviated from its orbit to approach a distance of 750 thousand kilometers from the Earth, which is equivalent to two times the distance between Earth and the Moon therefore neither of these options is scientifically feasible, and shatters the aforementioned messages. This Thursday only see a tiny little dot that corresponds to Mars at about 4 am.
This chain of the two moons has been dragging through the Internet for little more than two years.

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